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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  March 31, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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controversy and concern. president obama's shocking announcement. >> he plans to drill for oil off the coast of maryland. hi, everybody. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala here's what people are talking about. >> drilling will be allowed in the waters off the coast. that will allow drilling from delaware to florida. and it's drawing criticism and worry from both sides of the contentious debate. eyewitness news has complete coverage. jessica kartalija has more on the plan and how it may affect you. >> reporter: hi, kai. and hello, everyone. the proposal could affect everyone in maryland, as they are proposing to drill right off the shoreline. >> reporter: president obama
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came to andrews air force base to stress his argument that drilling off the coast will help keep the country safe. he says it will allow drilling from the northern tip of the delaware coast to the central coast of florida. that includes 31 miles of maryland ocean front. >> the bottom line is this. given our energy needs, in order to sustain economic growth and produce jobs and keep our businesses competitive, we are going to need to harness traditional sources of fuel, even as we ramp up production of new sources of renewable fuels. >> reporter: it's a major change of policy that began with president bush. new oil drilling has been banned. the new white house plan also leaves a drilling ban in place along america's west coast. and it cancels some proposed drilling in alaska's bristol bay. >> this mount is part of a broader strategy that will move us from a country that runs on
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fossle fuel and foreign oil to one that runs on home-grown fuels and clean energy. >> reporter: they say it is a step toward energy independence. but they're worried new offshore drilling sites would hurt fishing and tourism industries along the board. environmentalists insist new drilling would only make problems worse. critics argue the plan doesn't go far enough. they want to open up more for drilling. and wjz has learned that the state of virginia could begin issuing licenses as soon as next year. i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> both the maryland senators ben cardin and barbara miculings key are expecting-- mikulski are expecting concerns. well, the debate over recognizing gay marriage in maryland is heating up in
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annapolis. vic is in the newsroom with the argument one republican lawmaker is making. vic? >> reporter: arizona delegate don dwyer. minutes later, doug dwyer refused to participate in what he called a kangaroo court. in february, gansler ordered all state agencies in maryland to recognize out-of-state gay marriages to the -- until the legislature, of course, decides otherwise. dwyer wants to vote otherwise and believes the public should be allowed to testify otherwise. >> they define marriage as between a man and woman. but they generally acknowledge married couples elsewhere. we have breaking news now from west baltimore. captain mike perry is live in sky eye chopper 13. >> reporter: we have a shooting, mary. this is in the 2700 block of harlem avenue. now, this occurred just about 20 minutes ago. we are told a 17-year-old male has been shot in the face.
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now, initially, baltimore police when they arrived on the scene, said a large crowd was gathering. they have restored order. and as you can see, police remain here. they do have harlem avenue closed for about two blocks in the 2700 block of harlem avenue as they continue their investigation. no word on the suspect. a fallen marine who is getting help from sympathetic americans. albert schneider sued the westboro baptist church. he was ordered to pay $16,500. several grass roots funding campaigns have been set up to help him pay the costs. two people charged what city officials call gang violence. and andrea fujii explains, the search for more suspects isn't
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over. >> multiple shots were fired into a crowd in southeast washington, d.c. tuesday evening, killing four and injuring several others. six men and three women were among the victims, ranging in age from their 30s to one teenager. witnesses say they saw gunfire come from a passing car near south capital street and brandy wine and claim the shooters didn't care who they shot. >> adults. youth. somebody coming past with what i believe was an k47 and let loose. this is unacceptable. we have to do something to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: four were slightly injured while chasing a vehicle into maryland, ending in prince george's county. police won't say if this was gang-related. but a d.c. councilman said this was a dispute between neighboring crews. >> we've made a lot of progress. in the end, if this comes out to be some sort of gang retaliation, shame on all of
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us. >> reporter: these shootings come as washington, d.c. is priding itself on a low -- lower homicide rate. as of today, there have been 24 murders. last year at this time, there were 31. i'm andrea fujii. police arrested three men. baltimore county police are offering a reward for help in locating a prisoner mistakenly released from jail. kevin taron kent was arrested last week on drug charges. take a good look at this picture. kent was being held at the baltimore county detention center when he was set free on march 29th. his last known address was on 32nd avenue. he has a tattoo of flames on his arm. anyone with information should call their number. and they could be eligible for a cash reward. a maryland woman is charged in federal court.
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united airlines says marie's erratic behavior caused them to make an unscheduled stop in nebraska. passengers say she was screaming about terrorists on board the plane. she could face up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted. if travel through air tran airways through bwi marshall airport, the way you check your budget may be changing. the new system may help eliminate lost bags. >> reporter: this process will no longer involve officers checking every bag manually. instead, it will all be automated unless there is an alarm for a problem. >> right now, you usually get on board your flight, then see the bags through the window. that probably won't happen anymore. because the new system for baggage checks checks and security is so fast, they'll be loaded in a flash. >> arn in-line -- an in-line baggage stream takes it from the counter to the airport where it screens for threats. and they go directly onto the
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aircraft. >> the bags go straight on conveyor belts for the tarmac. no people are involved, unless the computer scanners detect an object. >> the number of bags was limited. what this does, it almost doubles that. so by doing that, air tran can add more flights. because they're not waiting for the bags to be processed. >> reporter: passengers who have waited in long lines for their bags to be processed or bags to be claimed should experience more efficiency. but some passengers are skeptical. >> i want to see. i have not been happy with the baggage system in the past. because i lost two bags on two flights. and not both air trans. just one air tran. and i want to see my bag get to my destination. and whatever that takes. >> reporter: will jobs be lost because of this automation? they will work elsewhere in the airport. and air tran says because it gets increased flights now, it will probably be hiring instead of laying off. back to you on tv hill.
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the system will be up and running for tomorrow. >> that soaking rain is long gone. and the sun is shining brightly out there right now. mild and breezy. just a beautiful night. wjz has weather and traffic together. we'll get to sharon in just a second. but we'll start with meteorologist tim williams who is in the first warning weather center. >> good afternoon, everyone. definitely a gorgeous afternoon to be out and about. you might not be too upset about your drive home. 70 degrees now. average this time of year, 59. we are well above that. with sunshine and blue skies. and just a light breeze out there. it's only going up from here. we'll talk about the warmup we have in store. and your weekend ahead in your complete updated forecast. let's check on the roads with sharon gibala. >> hi, kai. good afternoon, everyone. we unfortunately, we have an accident that is causing quite a delay. it is on 95. it appears to be clearing up. but it is still blocking two
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right southbound lanes on 95. just past emerson road. 24-minute backup to riverside parkway at an average speed of 8 miles per hour. there is also a rubber-necking delay. also watch for a wreck on 83 northbound and jfx. another 100 westbound at joppa. there's a crash at eastbound pulaski at joppa. some include falls road at weldon. east saratoga. and north patterson park avenue, at north gay street. in owings mills, there is one blocking green spring valley. take reisterstown road instead. southbound 702. that's southwestern boulevard at mesa avenue. otherwise, there's a look at your drive times and speeds. 37 miles an hour. slowest spots. there's a live look at that accident again. 95 southbound, slowest spot right now. there's a look at 95.
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no problems right now in the northbound lanes, approaching the 895 merge. there's a look at the top side at green spring avenue. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. an important message by toyotaas. a lot of people are wondering about the recalls. to get the latest facts and information, visit still ahead at 4:00. a hard look. the use of men thol cigarettes is up. should the popular flavored cigarettes be banned? spectacular images. why this volcano eruption in iceland is not deturring others. -- deterring others. and just like first warning weather predicted issue the rain is gone. and the mild sunny weather is back. get your updated forecast. ,,,,,,
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more than 80 firefighters battle an intense blaze at a
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california warehouse. authorities say the first 911 call came in just before 5:00 this morning. crews responded to the scene where intense flames had torn through what was a cabinet shop. there were no injuries reported. arson investigators are still working to determine the cause of the fire. now, onto another fiery scene, this time in iceland, where blasts of lava and ash are still shooting out of a volcano there. local authorities have been keeping an eye on the volcano in southern iceland. after its initial eruption a week ago. >> sounds like a contradiction. iceland and a volcano. last year, the fda voted to regulate tobacco. now they are looking at men thol. it's the most popular
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cigarette flavoring by far. men thol. it masks the taste of tobacco, saying -- calling what some call a cool burst. and while smoking is on the decline, the number of menthol rate is up. and up to 34% in 2008. >> there are two possible reasons. one, men thol is heavily marketed. particularly in african american neighborhoods. and second, there's a distinct possibility that menthol actually contributes to the ease of starting to smoke. >> that's why they went to the center for tobacco products first and recommend whether it should be regulated or even banned. >> this panel of scientists will be looking in particular at menthol use by african americans. more than 75% of african
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american smokers use menthol. and their rates are heart and lung disease are significantly higher than white smokers. >> they told cbs news today, a t is clear a menthol cigarette is just another cigarette and should be treated no differently. >> reporter: but the science is far less conclusive. so the fda will have to determine whether menthol makes cigarettes more harmful or addictive and take action by 2012. >> because the research is so greatly debated, many scientists say an all-out ban on menthol is unlikely. investors take a cautious stand. stocks staged a retreat early. here's a look at the closing numbers. the dow ends the day 51 points down. s&p down. and the nasdaq slips 13 points. let's go to new york right now, where far in or about -- farn on or about -- farnoosh torabi
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has more. >> at new york's auto show, top executives said that the 0% financing and pushed maintenance helped the sales go higher. the company lost 23,000 jobs in march. the monthly report sparked some concern about the job market recovery. on friday, we'll get a wider look at the job's report. the home buyer tax credit sparked a huge rush in mortgage applications last week. an industry report says home loan applications rose nearly 7%. that's the largest number of applications since 2009. ask american airlines is ramping up service in new york city. the company will add 23 new flights to and from jfk. the airline also said that it
4:19 pm
would help jet blue passengers connect to jet blue international flights in and out of boston. for more news, click on cbs money in new york, i'm farnoosh torabi. >> makers of sun chips say they don't want to just be healthy. they have unveiled a new, compostable bag. they say the bags will fully decompose in 14 weeks when placed in a hot, compost bin. >> they have a commercial for it that has the time lapse. and it's pretty amazing. and you can see the difference. they're my favorite chips. sorry. coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. horrific crash on the day eight members of a mennonite family are buried. new details about the owner of a truck. unstable warning lights. and it is gorgeous outside. on this final day of march.
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beautiful, beautiful day outside, mr. williams. >> well, no one is complaining. i hear no complaints. >> not from me. >> are you saying we complain, tim? >> i just know that it's either too hot or too cold. too wet or too dry. >> true. >> no whining out of you. >> we always complain. >> well, we will take the fact that we are getting out of march with no major problems, no major issues, march is going out very much like a lamb. and it is a nice, welcome change. and we are looking at more summer like temperatures. as we head into the first weekend of spring. 70 degrees our temperature at bwi marshall. keep in mind, when we're talking about these numbers that our average daytime high for this time of year is just
4:24 pm
around 59 degrees. we're already at 70. our dew point is 40. relative humidity at 33%, with a north/northwesterly wind. the only reason is felt as cool as it did today was because of that westerly wind. high pressure building in gave us that pressure between the two. so we did have that breeze throughout the day. right now, we have 60 in oakland. 64 in ocean city. 65 in elkton. and 75 down the 270 corridor. from hagerstown down to d.c. winds are still in the double digits. at 14 miles an hour. 20 miles per hour near pax river. around the area, around the region, around the entire portion of the country, from the midwest on over, to new england, really we're dealing with above normal temperatures. everyone in the 70s and close to it. 68 in detroit. 77 in chicago. and 81 down in dallas. 73 down in new orleans. and that's the air that is
4:25 pm
moving into our direction. we have, again, that low pressure system that brought us rain yesterday. and the breeze this morning and through the afternoon. it's moving well off. high pressure building in. and around that high, we're hack -- looking at warm air. we have warm air now, followed by warmer air. so 70 degrees now. that's going to translate into the 80s over the next few days. this is how it all shapes up. sunset at 7:29. a small craft advisory until 6:00 p.m. temperatures going down to around 42 degrees. clear and very mild. 42 degrees. we've had daytime highs that were 42 degrees. >> warmer with plenty of sunshine. tomorrow, 76 degrees. again, with a lot of sun. and this is going to be the pattern for the next few days. albeit just a tad bit warmer into the weekend. >> that sounds lovely, tim. >> that's awful. how can we deal with that? >> thanks, tim. make sure you tune into cbs's prime time lineup tonight. don't miss your favorite
4:26 pm
comedy, starting at 8:00. tonight at 10:00, it's csi new york, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. and katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. it takes a village. how an american mother of three is using a decades old concept to help save a new generation of orphaned children in rwanda. that's tonight, only on the seeives evening news. cbs evening news. from the university of maryland to the emmy stage. the sudden death of a talented, maryland native, who worked on the popular hbo series, the coroner. staying safe on the roads. the latest step the government is doing to take control of distracted driving. and the dangers of flooding grow in the northeast. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic after thth,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:29.
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70 degrees and sunny. hello. thanks for staying with wjz eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. rivers from massachusetts to new jersey are still at flood stage. terrell brown reports for wjz from new jersey. >> floodwaters nearly submerge this mall. the rescue boat was sent the night. neighborhoods are under water. major highways are shut down. special some businesses are just about disappeared. and it's expected to get worse. as we are facing unprecedented levels of flooding, we certainly are in uncharted territories right now. >> rain may have stopped. but the water levels are still rising. in connecticut, flooded neighborhoods had to be evacuated. and homeowners aren't sure when they'll be able to come back. >> i asked the cop.
4:31 pm
i said, well, what am i grabbing? and he goes, grab what you need. for how long? i don't know. >> reporter: people living in this apartment complex had to rush out of their homes. >> i heard rumbling. i thought it was thunder. >> record rainfall caused the earth to give way. the parking lot is gone. and now the building is teetering over a ravine. >> reporter: the water running up to this new jersey neighborhood has gotten up to my thighs. and it hasn't quite gotten to the point where it's seeping into these homes. but it's very, very close. >> reporter: danny smith set up a makeshift bridge so he could get onto the back porch. like many homes in the area, his was flooded three weeks ago. he just got done cleaning up. >> i don't know what kind of words i could use. you don't want the words i could use. >> reporter: smith stayed behind to keep an eye on the rising water. terrell brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> our first warning weather coverage continues now with meteorologist tim williams, who has more on the wetter than
4:32 pm
normal march in the northeast. >> well, they've had an exceptional amount of rain, maybe four times as much as they would typically have in the area. take a look at this graphic. new york, for example, is dealing with 10.64 inches of rain. that's up from their march total of 2 1/2 inches. that's from liquid precipitation. could come in the form of snow and rain. boston is dealing with 14, almost 15 inches of rain right now. and providence, rhode island, well, 16.34. and to put that into perspective for you, this was the fourth wettest season in boston, with 11 inches of rain. and that was set back in 1953. that 11 inches now, blowing away by that 14th. they are now in the top two of their record keeping. since record keeping has been available to them. they are now in the top two wettest seasons in boston. and their rain is now moving out of here. but they have dealt with certainly record amounts for let's say the last three weeks
4:33 pm
or so. vic, back to you. >> federal government wants to put in place new measures that would reduce distractions. they are targeted at commercial drivers. those who drive tractor- trailers or buses. kai is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: they want a ban on texting behind the wheel for those drivers. the government says more than 5800 people died and 515,000 more were injured in 2008, as a result of crashes related to distracted driving. many within the trucking and bus industries have offered early support for such a ban. last year, president obama signed an executive order, which prohibits federal employees from texting behind the wheel of a government-owned vehicle. vic? >> thank you. 20 states including maryland and the district of columbia prohibit all drivers from texting behind the wheel. the alabama trucking
4:34 pm
company killed in a fiery crash had a poor safety record. they cite hester incorporated as having a deficient safety record. they say the driver crossed the median of interstate 65 last week. the diver also die -- driver also died in the crash. the only survivors were two young children. a maryland woman and child are hospitalized after an unusual attack. police say. they said the pair was specifically targeted. and they continued to search for a suspect in the case. the entertainment world. david mills worked on several series, including the wire and the coroner. both of which are about life and the nitty gritty. >> reporter: well, david mills cowrote and executive produced
4:35 pm
the hbo mini series for which he won an emmy. mills is standing on the right from the clip in the 2000 emmys. he was a long-time friend of his producing partner, david simon. both are graduates of the university of maryland. mills let simon spend time. mills worked for the washington post and his first work in television came when he wrote an episode of the hit crime drama "homicide." mills died in new orleans, where he had been working and living in a post-katrina new orleans. >> should point out that he was not seen in the video there. the cast and crew of that new show held a memorial on the set. it is set to premiere later this month. an urgent warning from the government has a school in texas locking down its athletic field. the consumer product safety commission wants all schools and parks to immediately inspect their outdoor stadium lights. >> reporter: the school's
4:36 pm
baseball fields are all off limits after one of its 24 light poles on campus snapped and fell over during very windy conditions this past weekend. >> it's a disappointment. it's sad. but i'm sure they'll get it right. and i'm thankful no one was hurt. because of the downed light pole, the school is bringing in an engineering firm to determine whether the outdoor stadium light poles are strong enough, need to be fixed or replaced. so their teams could lose home field advantage for the rest of the year. >> it's coming at a really bad time. and our coaches are not very happy with this. but unfortunately, we can't do anything about it. >> reporter: the consumer product safety commission says it's investigating to see whether this pole was manufactured by the now defunct company of fort worth. the agency says nine of the company's light poles installed between 2000 and 2006, had toppled last year, including some at other north texas schools. published reports, though, show that figure to be much higher. >> reporter: after news of the
4:37 pm
foreign light poles broke last year at area poles, this school had all of theirs inspected. the school says all of them passed. for now, they are not releasing the name of the manufacturer of the pole. >> reporter: the school says their fields are not only closed to students and coaches. >> we won't even let our ground workers get on the fields and work. >> you know, you're concerned and you're glad that no one was hurt. but i have confidence in the administration, that they're going to take care of it and make it safe once again. >> now, more dirt will be brought into the stadium until it is leveled with the ground outside. again, the implosion is set for the morning of april 11th. let's check in on the roads now with sharon gibala, wjz traffic control. hi, sharon. >> reporter: well, vic, the good news is the accident we had on 95 southbound, is clear. the delay, though, is still clear. 15 minutes in the southbound lanes, back to riverside parkway. a five-minute northbound delay as well. meantime, we have other
4:38 pm
accidents, including one on 100 westbound on 95. another in joppa. eastbound pulaski highway. and two involving pedestrians. first involving reisterstown road. also west fayette at north green. also watch for accidents atwoodholm. west saratoga at edgewood. in owings mills, the gas line break. that is going to be blocking all lanes of green spring valley between product lane and cliff lane road. take reisterstown instead. there's a look ature your speeds. 36 miles an hour. there's a live look at the northwest side at green spring, wide open there. and there's a look at 95. typical slow and go traffic there. northbound lanes to the right. between pulaski highway and the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. an important message for toyota owners. there's been a lot of people wondering about toyota recalls. to get the latest facts and
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information, please go to week -- to wart hogs are native to africa. first-time mother kumari is 5 years old and is carrying, we're told -- caring, we're told, properly for her newborn offspring. the piglets, are healthy. >> i wonder how long it takes them to get their tusks? >> well, she's hoping quite a while. >> certainly after they finish feeding. what some say the mcdonald's mos cot is doing. and why they want him gone. it's called a 2-r code. and if you don't know what they are, you will soon. and meteorologist tim williams has your first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a lawyer in south florida claims the vatican protected a priest who later sexually abused his client this. is the latest -- this is the latest in the claims against the catholic church. the priest in miami claims the priest was deported from cuba and was a pedophile and wasn't able to come to the u.s. until 10 years ago. boy scouts of america may have to pay $29 million. the suit alleges that the boy scouts knew of suspected molesters. boy scouts have produced files to back up their claims. a man is calling 911. >> police say the man and woman
4:44 pm
were involved in a drug deal gone bad. they say the suspect grabbed her purse and when she couldn't let go, they drove away, with her hanging onto it. >> who is shooting? >> they are chasing me with a gun. they have a gun, ma'am. >> okay. have you been shot? >> no. they missed it. they fired a couple of shots. shot and missed me. >> christopher yu and lynn quach were caught. >> the victim was taken to the hospital and died the next morning. police are looking for a sex offender who allegedly seduced a teen on my space. edward leonard posed as a 15- year-old boy on my space. the girl said that leonard told her that he had cancer.
4:45 pm
police found out that leonard was a fraud. he had four felonies, including statutory assault. but he skipped down before he could be sentenced in court. teenage girl in arizona is whipped for wearing makeup. police say her mother whipped her with a belt. the 14-year-old has welts on her arms arms and shoulders. officials called police after noticing the welts on her arms. the mother is being booked for child abuse. the girl is now in the care of family members. how about a qr code? it stands for quick response. and promises to be the next thing in retailing. >> i think qr codes are a quick way to learn things about the item in front of you. they're like web links. >> qr codes have been used in japan for years. when scanned by a cell phone, they provide a link to a web page and additional information. in europe, they can be seen on
4:46 pm
buildings, as well as on products like soda. >> i think qr codes are getting increasingly more popular in the u.s. and you'll find them on more products and stores. >> reporter: they are now showing up in mag magazines and stores. by scanning the codes, customers can learn more about the styles. >> the information you gather, traveling through the store, stays with you. so when you leave, you have all of the information about the styles that you were interested in. >> reporter: a scan of this outfit's qr code will link you to a music video, in which beyonce is wearing the same item. and qr codes can give new meaning to the idea of window shopping. >> if there is a style in the window that you really like, customers can shop directly from the bar code. so if it's after 6:00. you can shop without anybody and do it on your own. >> the online net working site,
4:47 pm
facebook is working on implementing qr codes. >> first lady barbara bush was taken to the hospital over the weekend after feeling sick for about a week. during her stay, she underwent several tests. she was escorted out of a secret exit and left in a black limousine. hospital officials say that she may have had a relapse of graves disease, which is a thyroid condition she was treated for in 1989. mcdonald's, corporate accountability is trying to do away with the group. mcdonald's says ronald is the face of its charity efforts and has no intentions of getting rid of it. the ncaa is down to the final four. who are the leaders in the xfinnity bracket challenge? tim williams is here to update the standings. well, denise, i have no
4:48 pm
bobblehead in this. we have a tight race now at the top. here at wjz. now, bernadette woods and adam may are now tied with first place at 128 points. sports director mark viviano is on their heels. but he did slip to 126 points. and don scott is holding strong at 122. as for the top overall scores, 170 points. d. rice is right behind with 168. the everall -- overall winner gets a $100 gift certificate. i guess you can't join now. but you can sit back and watch how it will all unfold now it's in the final four. a former bay watch beauty is now dancing with the stars. samantha harris has the latest from hollywood. >> coming up on entertainment tonight. as pamela anderson lives to dance another day, we look back at the wild road that led her to the ballroom. >> i was working in a fitness club with a trainer. had no idea what i was going to
4:49 pm
do with my life. >> imagine, there was a time when pamela anderson could caulk down -- walk down a hollywood street and no one would notice. she was 24, beginning to treaght attention -- attract attention as tim allen's tool time girl. and when she changed into that red baywatch swim suit, she became famous around the world. in 1995, she married tommy lee on the beach, just four days after they met. they tattooed each other's names on their fingers. >> this is forever. >> absolutely forever. >> in 26, she would wed kid rock on the mexican rivera. that lasted four months. and then she married paris hilton's ex. but that was quickly annulled. but now she is on dancing with the stars. also, tonight, the latest sandra bullock news, as jesse
4:50 pm
checks into rehab. plus, eye-popping photos of tiger's other women. that and more coming up later on entertainment tonight. you can see entertainment tonight, here on wjz. >> what a difference a day makes. >> tim williams has your first >> tim williams has your first up-- updated first warning ,,,,, [ male announcer ] how do the editors of consumers digest
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4:54 pm
the 70, and 270 corridors, we have 70 degrees. there you have it. how appropriate. 14-mile-per-hour winds. around hagerstown. 16 and d.c. the winds are still pretty brisk, at least right now. but there's not really a lot of cold air associated with it. we're tapping into mild air around the region. 68 degrees in detroit. 77, in chicago. we had 79 in kansas city. 83 in dallas. and 73 in new orleans. we're right on par with what it feels like down in miami right now. only 75 degrees reported in miami. and high pressure is going to continue to build in. we're really going to see a very strong dominant force with this high pressure. it's going to go from the surface force to the higher levels of the atmosphere. we're talking right on through the weekend. not until sunday afternoon into the evening that we even see remotely a chance of showers. right now, we're dealing with warm air that will give way to warmer air, as temperatures around 70 degrees today go up to around 80 degrees for tomorrow and right on through sunday.
4:55 pm
your sunset today at 7:29. small craft advisory for about an hour. forecast looks like this today. going down to 42 degrees, which is very mild. the average overnight low for this time of year, about 39 degrees. average daytime high is around 59. warmer, with plenty of sunshine tomorrow. 76. any complaints? >> not a one. >> and this will be one of the milder days, the cooler days of the next three or four. >> fantastic. thank you, tim. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. a new proposal by the white house could mean maryland will well, here's the thing: this was the only "sporty two-seater" they had on my budget. uh-huh. and the seats go all the way back. (announcer) settling for less is not smart. what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax. for the money you'd spend on a stripped down new car,
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eyewitness news at 5:00. president obama reverses a 20- year ban on offshore grilling wjz is live with how it impacts marylanders. baltimore city council president fires back, after questions regarding where he lives. >> i'm weijia jiang next on eyewitness news, jack young shows us exactly where he lives. the worst flooding in massachusetts. when will the flood concerns end? >> check in on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. city hall scandal. this time, it's the city council president under fire.
4:59 pm
>> tonight, jack young answers questions with where he actually lived. hi, everybody. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. jack young is fighting back against accusations that he doesn't really live where records say he lives? weijia jiang has more on the great lengths he went to to prove he lives, eats and slips right in baltimore city. >> he gave a tour of not one but two houses he lives and owns in baltimore. >> baltimore city council president jack young wants to squash questions, surrounding where he lives. young calls recent implications that he lives unfounded. >> i want to put it to rest that i am a resident of baltimore city. i pay taxes in baltimore city. su reporter: controversy


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